I thought a while about what I want this Blog to do.  I want it to generate conversations.  But the word conversation evokes speaking, physical listening and verbal response.  What do you call this on paper? And more so, what do you call this in the virtual world of Blogging?  So instead of creating verbal dialog, oral conversations, and physical listening, let’s use this as stream of conscious writing.  Blogging has the advantage of being pretty anonymous.  The likelihood of any of us meeting or even seeing one another in person is rather slim, not completely impossible, but still rather slim.  So feel very free to respond openly so we can be honest. So yeah, let’s talk with our fingertips.  Write with me, listen to what we read and feel, and respond.  Repeat.

I will be musing about a variety of things, most from the view of a Boomer.  I may write about books read, current events, personal memories, crazy ideas, humorous asides – maybe even recipes. There will be some limits set, but at this time I do not know what they are. However, when a line is crossed, I will respond with a poke for you to SYOB (start your own Blog) on that subject.  Today, I am thinking about….

Over the years I have wondered what has happened to the Baby Boomers.  Baby Boomers are the children of the Greatest Generation and the Silent Generation. Baby Boomers were born between 1946-1964.  People speak of the Greatest Generation as if they are long gone – history as they are in their mid-nineties now. But some are still with us.  

The greatest generation were people born between the years of 1910-1925.  The Silent Generationers were born between 1926 and 1945.  Both could have fought during WWII; both could be parents of Baby Boomers. 

I am a Boomer raised by the Greatest, literally and figuratively.  My parents were born in 1923 and 1925.  I was born in 1951 making me an early middle Boomer.

Boomers are famous for the free love movement and Vietnam war protesting.  We are known for liberal views on sex, religion, civil rights. We are known for being about peace, green, and wholistic living; herbal living, etc. It was just these descriptors that made me think of Boomers as dandelions. 

When Boomers were little, they were cute little things, but the older generation saw a wildness in us that they had not expressed or been able to express.  They tended to try to nip that in the bud.  Dandelions were blackballed.  They were branded a weed regardless that they were a really pretty flower with a lot of positive and healthy uses. 

As with many things, on one end of the spectrum someone is profiting by selling herbicides to kill dandelions while on the other side, they are being sold in grocery stores at gourmet prices.  

But like the dandelion, we have an amazing resilience and having survived the teen and young adult phases, have grown grey and decided to spread our ideas and behaviors all over the place.   

But this led me to question, where did they go?  With the real dandelion, I don’t have to ask that question.  They are all over place.  I see them everywhere.  But in life, where do I see Boomers influencing  now?  For instance, what do Boomers wear?  Where do they shop to find these clothes?  You used to be able to tell the age group of a woman from her hair and clothing style.  Now, Boomers dress like Xers. 

Those so liberal Boomers of the sixties and seventies have become the leading Conservatives of today’s government.  Though the herbicide did not kill all of the dandelions, some got away unscathed; some became super-mutants and lost that carefree concern for others. Some were tainted and in need of care.

I for one really like dandelions.  I run a dandelion refuge center in my yard.  I seek out dandelions, young and old to hang out with. We are vibrant, we are funny, we are creative, we are talented.  We are here.

Published by Sheryl Owens

Known by friends as the Queen of Puns, I am a retired public librarian. I am a Bachelor of Arts graduate of Howard University class of '73, Master of Science in Educational Communication from State University of New York at Albany, class of '74, Master of Library and Information Science from Case Western Reserve University class of '77 and All But Dissertation in Information Science from Case Western Reserve University . I am a green thinker. I believe in preserving this planet, caring for it and nature and humanity. I like animals. I am a dog person. I love food that is not slimy. I like to bring people together to develop family.

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