Little Things

I thought a while about what I want this Blog to do.  I want it to generate conversations.  But the word conversation evokes speaking, physical listening and verbal response.  What do you call this on paper? And more so, what do you call this in the virtual world of Blogging?  So instead of creating verbal dialog, oral conversations, and physical listening, let’s use this as stream of conscious writing.  Blogging has the advantage of being pretty anonymous.  The likelihood of any of us meeting or even seeing one another in person is rather slim, not completely impossible, but still rather slim.  So feel very free to respond openly so we can be honest. So yeah, let’s talk with our fingertips.  Write with me, listen to what we read and feel, and respond.  Repeat.

I will be musing about a variety of things, most from the view of a Boomer.  I may write about books read, current events, personal memories, crazy ideas, humorous asides – maybe even recipes. There will be some limits set, but at this time I do not know what they are. However, when a line is crossed, I will respond with a poke for you to SYOB (start your own Blog) on that subject.  Today, I am thinking about….

The little things

Today I was supposed to be reading, and writing scenarios for my second book, Tangled Webs, but I have too much swirling around in my head.  I was going to blog about ‘little things’ that we take for granted – pinkie toes and fingers, for instance. But I keep thinking about this amazing two-day women’s conference I attended yesterday and the day before. 

So I am sitting here encouraging the swirling to stop. I’m going to focus on the little things for a moment.

How often do you give God thanks for the little things?   When I stubbed the pinkie toe on my right foot it threw my gait and balance off for a week.  The next week my left hip was sore because of my compensation for changing the way I walked. 

As I type this, I am forced to use one hand.  I have a torn rotator cuff which has left my left hand useless.  I cannot use my fingers and have limited muscle control of the arm. 

Now for many people who do not depend on left arms, this may just be a minor inconvenience, but for those of us who are ambidextrous or truly lefties, this is a major interruption.  Bathing, dressing, cooking, driving are all hampered or stalled to some degree by this. 

These little things often get overlooked when overshadowed by bills, relationships, bigger health issues, the weather and our political climate. 

Sometimes I think these minor disturbances happen to remind us of the little things and the need to take care, slow down and savor the moment we are in.    

Now, back to thinking about my next blog….                                                                     

Published by Sheryl Owens

Known by friends as the Queen of Puns, I am a retired public librarian. I am a Bachelor of Arts graduate of Howard University class of '73, Master of Science in Educational Communication from State University of New York at Albany, class of '74, Master of Library and Information Science from Case Western Reserve University class of '77 and All But Dissertation in Information Science from Case Western Reserve University . I am a green thinker. I believe in preserving this planet, caring for it and nature and humanity. I like animals. I am a dog person. I love food that is not slimy. I like to bring people together to develop family.

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